About Research

Each department of the School is engaged in research activities on fields indicated in the diagram above and also take-up collaboration projects involving two or more departments.

Department of Bioenergy

Department of Solar Energy

Department of Environmental Studies

Department of Natural Resources & Waste Recycling

Department of Marine and Coastal Studies

Major Research Project - Completed


Name of the Project


Project Duration


Funding Agency
System, Design and Development of Solar Thermal Technologies
1992- Till to date
Marine Ecotoxicology Research Project – Developing seawater quality criteria for metals including establishment of Marine Ecotoxicology Laboratory
M.Sc., Sub Aqua Marine Ecology and Toxicogenomics
Studies on coral reefs in coastal areas.
Assessment of Coral reef health status using Satellite Data.
Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology and Toxicogenomics UGC M.Sc.,Innovative course
2005 2009
Studies on patiotemporal in Cumbum valley
Coastal Water Quality Assessment: Effect of sewage effluents in the northern Gulf of Mannar coast using Microtox bioassay
Sustainable Energy Security System
Studies on the screeing of Anticancer Potential for Monomolecular from Medicinal plants
2009 -2012
Awareness Training Programme on Biodiversity Conservation to Self Help Groups (SHG) of Tamil Nadu
NBA, Govt. of India,Chennai


On-going Research Project


Name of the Project


Project Duration


Funding Agency
Studies on Genetic diversity, in vitro Micro-propagation Agasthiyamalai Biosphere
DBT, New Delhi
Marine Litter in the Coastal and Coral Reef Environment of Gulf of Mannar
MoEF, New Delhi
Synthesis of Chitosan nanoparticles from marine organisms of the Gulf of Mannar region, South India
UGC, New Delhi
A study on aerosol measurement and its impact on precipitation in an urban atmosphere.
UGC, New Delhi
Bio prospecting the probiotic potential of bacteria isolated from diverse fish fauna of Periyar lake.
UGC, New Delhi
UGC Innovative P.G. Diploma in SCUBA Diving for Marine Biotechnology course
UGC, New Delhi
Marine Ecotoxicology Studies for developing seawater quality criteria for coral reef ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar
MoES, New Delhi
Ecological Status and Heavy metal pollution of Periyar River, Tamil Nadu, South India
UGC , New Delhi
An investigation on black carbon measurement and its impacts on meteorology region
DST New Delhi
Investigation of Marine Seaweed Pigments as Sensitizer in Solar Cells
DST New Delhi
Research on Feasibility of cultivating Polyploidy Paulownia
Clenergen Corporation Limited, UK


Research Recognition

State Recognition

The Centre / Department of Marine Coastal Studies is recognized as one of the Partner Institution in Tamil Nadu for the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve Trust for carrying out the Coral reef research programme in Gulf of Mannar for the conservation activities.

National Recognition

The Regional Solar Test centre is accredited by National Accreditation Board for testing and calibration Laboratories (NABL) and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Govt. of India

Centre for Biodiversity and Forest Studies sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt of India.

The Ministry of Earth Sciences formerly Department of Ocean Development has identified this Centre / Department as one of the potential institutions for Marine Research Activities and sanctioned grants for developing marine water quality criteria for critical coral reef ecosystem in the Gulf of Mannar using Marine Ecotoxicology Studies and established a Marine Ecotoxicology Research Laboratory at Pudhumadam in Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu during X Plan period as a National Research Facility.

School of Energy, Environment and Natural Resources as the recipient of major infrastructure development grants from UGC-DRS-SAP, UGC-ASIST, DST-UPE, DST-PURSE, MNRE, NABL and MOES.

International Recognition

The National Coordinating Agency for GCRMN South Asia recognized the Department of Marine & Coastal Studies for collecting data at periodic intervals on the status of corals in the southeast coast of India.

The GEF/UNDP has also identified and included the Department of Marine and Coastal Studies as a member institution to carry out research activities in the Gulf of Mannar Marine Biosphere Reserve to protect and conserve the coral reefs.