Programmes Offered

The School adheres to the road of both teaching and research activities; it makes an effort to create harmonious interpersonal relationships in the academic innovation and research space in the field of Energy and Environment. The School provides ample of opportunities for the students to acquire basic knowledge in their respective subjects.

  Post Graduate Programmes

M.Sc., Environmental Sciences

Essential Qualifications

B.Sc., Degree in Physical & Chemical Science and life sciences

M.Sc., Marine Biology

Essential Qualifications

B.Sc., in any branch of Life Science

  M.Phil Programmes

M.Phil., Environmental Sciences

Essential Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and other Life Sciences

M.Phil., Marine Biology

Essential Qualifications

Master’s Degree in Marine Biologys and other Life Science Degree

  Doctoral Programmes

Ph.D. Marine Biology

Ph.D. Energy Sciences

Ph.D. Environmental Studies

Essential Qualifications

Master’s Degree in respective field

*Like interdisciplinary areas of teaching, the School is offering Ph.D program in each department with specialization of Solar Energy, Bioenergy, Environment, Natural Resources & Waste recycling and Marine Biology.