Welcome to School of Biological Sciences

Welcome to School of Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences, Madurai Kamaraj University, had a humble beginning in the early 60's as the PG extension centre of the Zoology Department of the University of Madras at Madurai. The man in command was Prof. S. Krishnaswamy, popularly known as SK. He was a dreamer and a visionary. At that time, perhaps even now, when the teaching of life sciences was compartmentalized into Botany, Zoology, Microbiology etc. He conceived the idea of teaching Biology as an integrated discipline. As per Prof. SK's vision Botany, Zoology etc., was nothing more than different ways of looking at the same thing namely, the living state. He felt that the totality of the living state was more important than studying animals or plants in isolation. When the PG extension centre became the Madurai University (later Madurai Kamaraj) in 1966, SK instituted the Department of Biological Sciences, the first integrated Department in the country. Just a decade later, the Department of Biological Sciences was elevated to School of Biological Sciences (SBS) on the recommendation of the UGC's Expert Committee.

It is noteworthy to mention that our School has produced Four - Bhatnagar awardees, Ten - Vice-Chancellors, Seven - TANSA awardees, Many Fellows of National and International Science Academies and Members in various National level Expert Committees

Our School has significantly contributed in the Life Sciences area during the last 5 years, published 303 research articles (82 publications have impact factor >2) and 61 students have been trained to obtain their Ph.D., degree and 135 students are pursuing Ph. D., degree.

The School Consists of the following Eight Departments

1. Animal Behaviour & Physiology

2. Biochemistry

3. Genetics

4. Immunology

5. Microbial Technology

6. Molecular Biology

7. Plant Sciences

8. Plant Morphology & Algalogy

Recognitions for School of Biological Sciences

> UGC-DSA Phase I, II & III and COSIST I & II,(1979 – 1999)

> UGC-CAS in Organismal & Functional Genomics, (Phase I, II & III) (2000-2017)

> UGC-Centre for Excellence in Genomic Sciences, (Phase I & II) (2002-2013)

> UGC-Networking Resource Centre in Biological Sciences, (Phase I & II) (2008-2022)

> DBT -Interdisciplinary Programme in Life Science for Advanced Research & Education (2010-2017)

> DST- FIST Programme (cycle I, II & III) (2002-2022)



> Seeking DBT support under Research Resource Service Facility and Platform (under preparation)

> Seeking Extension for UGC-CAS  Programme Phase IV   (under submission)

> Implementing UGC-NRCBS  Programme Phase II (already sanctioned)

> Implementing DST-FIST  Repeat Cycle III  (already sanctioned)