Brief Profile of the Department

Department of Molecular Biology began in middle 70’s in the School of Biological sciences. To the best of our knowledge this is perhaps the first Molecular Biology Department that was established as early in 1975 from this part of the country. Currently one Professor and three Assistant Professors are working. Prof. M. Hussain Munavar’s laboratory is involved in the study of Genetic Regulatory Mechanisms that govern Transcription regulation, DNA Repair, Proteolysis, Mutagenesis and Suppression using Escherichia coli as the model organism. The three other laboratories in this Department are investigating on the aspects pertaining to on Cardiac hypertrophy, role of microRNAs, role of environmental chemicals (Pesticides) on physiology and pathology of cardiovascular system, Human metabolic disorders, Molecular Algology and Fish Physiology.

Research Activities (2007-2017)

> ACSM3, an evident marker for early stages of HCC.

> 48 novel cell surface proteins was identified as potential markers for cervical cancer.

> Magnetite-CMCS-Digoxin and Magnetite-PVA-Digoxin were found to inhibit the growth of gastic cancer cell lines .

> Nimesulide, a known COX-2 inhibitor as an inhibitor of Wnt/β catenin signaling pathway.

> Celecoxib inhibits Wnt, Myc, E2F, RXR, STAT3, MAPK and Notch signaling pathways in gastric cancer cells.

> SHFM1 has been found capable of suppressing p53 mediated transcriptional activity & activating c-Src, MAPK/ERK and PI3K/Akt pathways.

Faculty members

Dr. U. Ramesh & Head (i/c)

Assistant Professor

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