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Prof. P. Sudhakar Swamy
Population structure and genetic variation of exotic
invasive weed, Mikania micrantha H.B.K
Metagenomics of the Andaman Sea: the underexplored
'rare biosphere
Functional genomics of Zymomonas mobilis
Metagenomics of Skin and hide and spoilage
2007-2010 DBT
Cloning and expression of cellulase genes from
Penicillium funiculosum NCL in Yeast
2007-2010 CSIR
Development of Antifungal Drug
2007-2009 Strides, Bangalore
Development of Processes for production and downstream processing of food enzymes and their
2006-2009 DBT
Biotechnology for leather
2006-2009 - CSIR/ CLRI (Phase II).
Application of Microorganisms in Agriculture and Allied
2006-2009 ICAR
Nanoparticle biosynthesis, characterization, recovery
and its biotechnological applications
2007-2012 UGC-UPE
Prof.G. Marimuthu
Optimal Foraging Behaviour of the Indian False
Vampire Bat Megaderma lyra
2007 - 2010 DST
Roost Diversity and Fidelity in Bats
2009-2012 CSIR
Seasonality and Breeding Behaviour of Bats
2009-2012 UGC
Therapeutics effects of LAB in oxalate degradation in
hyperoxaluric and calcium oxalate stone formatting rats.
2009-2012 UGC- CEGS
Anti cancer therapeutics and drug delivery
2009-2012 UGC – UPE
Molecular cloning and expression of oxalate decarboxylase
in Lactic acid bacteria.
2009-2012 UGC
Prof. Sripathi Kandula
Molecular Systematics and Population Genetics of lesser
dog faced bat Cynopterus brachyotis, in India.
2009-2012 Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
Transcriptomics: Analysis of selective expression of
Escherichia coli genome by Fit factors
2006-2012 UGC-CEGS
Prof. K. Manoharan
Development of high throughput plantlet regeneration system via somatic embryogenesis in pigeonpea, cajanus cajan L. Millsp.,
2009-2011 DBT
Induction of somatic embryogenesis in callus cultures of
mung bean (Vigna radiata Linn.)
2007- 2010 UGC
Development of High throughput plantlet regeneration
system via somatic embryogenesis in pigeon pea, Cajanus
cajan L.Millsp
2007- 2010 DBT
Dr. G.Kumaresan
Identification of dysregulated functional modules in breast
cancers by integrative network modelling
2010-2013 UGC
RNAi based fubnctional scanning of amplified genomic
regions in gastric cancers for potential diagnostic biomarker
and therapeutic target identification
2010-2013 DBT
Development of drug discovery assay tools and identification
of potential therapeutic compounds
2009-2012 DAE
Molecular genomic characterization of microtron based
cancer therapy in an in vivo tumor model
2009-2011 BRNS
Functional genomic delineation of convolutions in Wnt
signaling pathway for gastric cancer diagnostics
2009-2012 DBT
Molecular and cellular characterization of the therapeutic
potential of PLA2G2A, a novel biomarker gene in metastatic
gastric cancer
2009-2012 DST
Expression profiling of miRNAs and their regulatory circuit in A2M induced                 hypertrophy and heart failure
2011-2014 DBT
Association of KIR Genotypes And Haplotypes With Susceptibility To or Clearance of HBV Infection In South Indian Population
2011-2013 UGC
Carrier status in viral infection-Hepatitis B virus and HIV.
2007-2012 UGC-CEGS
Genographic- foundation India
2006-2011 National Geographic society and Waitt family
Dr . C. Amutha
Assessment of molecular and behavioural
changes encoutered due to pollution
mediated endocrine disruption in somechosen fishes in the River Vaigai
2011-2014 UGC
Expression profiling of miRNAs and their regulatory circuit in alpha-2 macroglobulin induced hypertrophy and heart failure” funded by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.
2011-2014 DBT
Dr. J. Rajendhran
Circulating Human Microbiome and Cardiovascular
2009-2012 DBT
Marine Metagenomics: Antimicrobial Drug
Development from Marine and
Estuarine Metagenome
2008-2011 DST
Bacterial degradation of synthetic (Polyethylene Terephthalate -PET) and natural polymer (Polyhydroxyalkanoate- PHA)
2011-2013 UGC
Potential of biopigment of coelomycetes isolated from Medicinal plants
2011-2013 UGC