Welcome to the Department of Microbial Technology

The Department of Microbial Technology was founded by Dr. G. S. Venkatraman a renowned phycologist who joined the university as a Professor. Another pillar of the department is Dr. S. Shanmugasundaram joined as a Reader in Madurai Kamaraj University and started a self-supported course M. Sc. Microbial Gene Technology in the year 1998. The faculties in the department are totally committed to provide high quality education at Post-graduate and Research levels and have a unique specialization for their research and this helps to train the students in an excellent way. The department aim is to provide trained manpower in different areas of Microbiology to supplement the country’s demands. A significant number of our students are pursuing their Ph. D’s and Post-Doc’s abroad. The Department is performing scientific research and technological development in the frontier areas of Microbiology.


The mission of the Department of Microbial Technology is to help build a better environment towards international excellence in research, teaching and mentoring for production of graduate students with high calibre and morality.

Offer international quality education and research in Microbiology and Molecular techniques
Produce broadly educated, highly skilled students
Transmit the outcome of our research through Enriched academic programs
Extensive application of research

Our mission is enduring to address questions in microbiology using innovative approaches in microbial and non-microbial systems to lead the society. Our graduate program is designed to empower students to recognize and solve basic and applied microbiological problems relevant to human health and agriculture. The workforce is also committed to excellence in graduate training and teaching through research and career development activities.


The vision of the department is to provide individual attention, high quality education and of character building for microbiology students, to pursue and promote world-class research and training at the frontiers of microbiology & To move up through International alliances and collaborative initiatives to achieve global excellence in Microbiology.


About Research
Microbial Technology is a field which comprises two major wings of life sciences i.e. Microbiology and Biotechnology. It is devoted to study the role of microorganisms towards beneficial of mankind with the help of molecular techniques. The Department is dedicated to appraising the importance of microorganisms, its complex relationships with the environment by means of secondary metabolism. Our research is focussed to establish a better understanding towards secondary metabolism of microorganisms and its uses to control both human pathogens and phytopathogens.
Research Highlights
Investigation on the biological origin of microbial metabolites which have therapeutic effects and assessing its metabolism and mechanism of action against cancer.
The development and application of normal human microbiome-derived metabolites as a new tool for concentrating biofilm and virulence candidates from potential pathogens allows high throughput treatment.
Plant-microbe interaction - Isolation and characterization of fluorescent pseudomonas against plant pathogen

Faculty Members

Dr. M. Murugan

Assistant Professor & Head (i/c)

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Dr. V. Shanmugaiah

Assistant Professor

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