Brief Profile of the Department

Department of Genetics was established during 1990. The former heads of the Department were i) Prof.T.J.Panidan, II) Prof.S.Mathavan III) Prof. P. Gunasekaran. Cancer Genetics and Microbial Genetics are the broad research areas of the Department, at present. Complex regulations in cancer cells and microbes are investigated with molecular genetics, genomics and proteomice since 1990, 45 major research projects were completed by the former and current faculty members of the Genetic® Department and 55 Ph.D students were awardeed from the Department. At present, there are 7 major projects being investigated in the Department with the support of DBT, DST, ICMR, and UGC. Cancer Genetics Laboratory in Department of Genetics is focusing on understanding the altered signaling pathways and their regulation In gastric, liver and breast §§J1§#F§ to recognize therapeutically vulnerable targets.

Research Activities (2007-2017)

> ACSM3, an evident marker for early stages of HCC.

> 48 novel cell surface proteins was identified as potential markers for cervical cancer.

> Magnetite-CMCS-Digoxin and Magnetite-PVA-Digoxin were found to inhibit the growth of gastic cancer cell lines .

> Nimesulide, a known COX-2 inhibitor as an inhibitor of Wnt/β catenin signaling pathway.

> Celecoxib inhibits Wnt, Myc, E2F, RXR, STAT3, MAPK and Notch signaling pathways in gastric cancer cells.

> SHFM1 has been found capable of suppressing p53 mediated transcriptional activity & activating c-Src, MAPK/ERK and PI3K/Akt pathways.

Faculty Members

Dr. G. Kumaresan

Head & Chairperson

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Dr. J. Rajendhran

Assistant Professor

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