Research, Consultancy and Extension Activities


Tissue Cross-Match Service

  1. HLA / PCR-SSP typing for Kidney Transplantation
  2.  A total 556 cases were typed from 17 different hospitals.
  3. Rs. 62,39,200/- has been earned so-far (2011-2017)
  4. Rs. 18,71,760/- has been transferred to University for the period (2011-2017)
  5. Training for Doctors/Technicians from Lister Metropolis Lab, Chennai

Drug Screening

  1. Through MKU-DAE drug screen facility at Dept. of Genetics,  screening and consultancy services are provided to researchers and clinicians by screening and analyzing their synthetic chemicals, bioactive fractions, bio-molecules, therapeutic candidates.
  2. Samples screened under this programme (2010-2017): 175

The School has organized many International and National conferences

International Conference on Biomembranes (Prof.J. Jayaraman); Indo-Russian Conference (Prof. C. Rajamanickam), WHO Conference and International Training Programme (Prof.Kunthala Jayaraman), BASF Conference (Prof.A. Gnanam), International Conference on Genomic Sciences &Indo-Italian workshop on Industrial and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Prof.P. Gunasekaran)

76th  Indian Science Congress 1989, graced by Late Rajiv Gandhi, then Prime Minister and Late Dr. K.R. Narayanan, then Minister of State for Science & Technology (Prof. T.J. Pandian) National Conference on Functional Genomics(Prof.P. Gunasekaran), Association of Microbiologist of India (AMI) (Prof.M. Lakshmanan), Society of Biological Chemists (SBC) (Prof.C. Rajamanickam), XIX National Symposium on Chronobiology (Prof.G. Marimuthu) etc.

In additional the School has organizing annually Aquater day conferences, Prof.S.K. Endowment Lecture, Prof. Gnanam Endowment Lecture, Prof.G.Shanmugam Endowment Lecture, Prof. M. Lakshman Endowment Lecture, Genomics Endowment Lecture regularly.  

AQUA-TERR Society for Biological Sciences

The History of Aqua-Terr is interlaced with the History of the School of Biological Sciences way back in 1966 and it was formed as informal club to report and discuss the developments and advancements in various fields of biological sciences. Since 1977, AQUA-TERR continued to be an integral part of the activities of the School of Biological Sciences. In 2015, it was registered as AQUA-TERR Society for Biological Sciences under Tamilnadu Society Act and three national level conferences were organized by AQUA-TERR Society in the following years (2015-2017)

Alumni Endowment Fund

Alumni of School of Biological Sciences all around the world created endowment fund to conduct seminars and provide financial support to economically backward PG students of the School of Biological Sciences. It was initiated by Prof. SripathiKandula, Dr. Abdul Jabbar, USA and Prof. G. Marimuthu and established on 27th February 2017.

Further under the support of UGC-NRCBS the School has organized 36 Summer/Winter School Hands on traningingprogrammes (15 days – National Level) and 3 On-site training programmes. The students of the SBS regularly celebrating National Science Day, Environmental Day, Pongal celebration, Onam celebration, Holi celebration etc.

Extension Activities - “Swacchata Bhart” Program

Village Adaptation Programme
On 15th September, 2017, faculty, scholars and PG students of School of Biological Sciences went to Kottagaimedu village and involved in the tree plantation programme. About 3 faculty, 80 Scholars and 100 PG students actively participated in this programme and conducted survey on socio-economic status of residents of Kottagaimedu village. 1000 saplings were planted by members of SBS.


Extension Activities and Institutional Social Responsibilities

  • International Conference organized


  • National Conference Organized


  • Summer/Winter Schools Organized


  • On-site Training Programme Organized


  • Academy Lecture Workshop Organized


  • DST –INSPIRE Lectures


  • Refresher Courses Organized


  • Training Young Researchers and Teachers


  • Science to Society Programme