The UGC has pointed out, “The National Policy on Education (NPE) 1986 in its Programme of Action made a focused reference to the crucial dependence of quality ensured delivery of education to continuous knowledge up-gradation, capacity building and motivation of teachers for accepting challenges arising from exponential growth of new knowledge and fast growing trends of breaking barriers of subject specific teaching and research. Thus, the NPE recognized the urgent need for creating effective systems to provide opportunities for professional and career development of teachers, necessary for quality education and research so that they are well equipped and motivated to accept new challenges emerging from growth of new knowledge, international competitiveness and changing requirements of learners, especially in the institutions of higher education. Therefore, it was proposed to enhance their motivation skills and knowledge through systematic orientation in specific subjects, techniques and methodologies, and thereby inculcate in them the right kind of values that would in turn encourage them to take initiatives for innovative and creative work. In order to achieve the above objectives, an initiative was taken by University Grants Commission in the year 1986 and over a period of time, 66 Academic Staff Colleges (ASCs) were established in different universities. During the last two decades or more, the system of ASCs has come to be accepted well and established in the university system with plan to plan financial support of the UGC and cooperation extended by the universities in providing basic infrastructure and other support, required for functioning of the ASCs” (, 2015). Now, a total of 66 ASCs are functioning in the institutions of higher education across the country and all the 66 Academic Staff Colleges are renamed as Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centres.

UGC - Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (formally called as Academic Staff College) at Madurai Kamaraj University is functioning from 1988 to cater to the training and developmental needs of teachers in the Colleges and University Departments. With a goal of upgrading the skills and expanding the knowledge base in their respective fields, our Academic Staff College has been conducting Refresher Courses in 19 Disciplines. The catchment area of this Academic Staff College consists of 5 Universities and 98 Colleges (with 2f-12B status) spread over the South Tamil Nadu. Besides this, Orientation Programs are organized for Junior Teachers to provide them with a holistic perception of teaching at the Higher Education level. The catchment area of this Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre (HRDC) consists of 5 Universities and 98 Colleges (with 2f - 12 B status) spread over the South Tamil Nadu. A Computer Network Lab. has already been established in the campus for the benefit of the participants of our programs.