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Welcome to UGC - Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centre

           UGC-Academic Staff College at Madurai Kamaraj University is functioning from 1988 to cater to the training and developmental needs of teachers in the Colleges and University Departments. With a goal of upgrading the skills and expanding the knowledge base in their respective fields, our Academic Staff College has been conducting Refresher Courses in 19 Disciplines. Besides this, Orientation Programs are organized for Junior Teachers to provide them with a holistic perception of teaching at the Higher Education level. The catchment area of this ASC consists of 5 Universities and 98 Colleges (with 2f - 12 B status) spread over the South Tamil Nadu. A Computer Network Lab. has already been established in the campus for the benefit of the participants of our programs.

            The objectives of the Academic Staff College (ASC) are to enable teachers to: understand the significance of education in general, and higher education in particular, in the global and Indian contexts; understand the linkages between education and economic and socio-economic and cultural development, with particular reference to the Indian polity where democracy, secularism and social equity are the basic tenets of society acquire and improve basic skills of teaching at the college/university level to achieve goals of higher education; keep abreast of the latest developments in their specific subjects; understand the organization and management of a college/university and to perceive the role of teachers in the total system; utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity; and promote computer literacy as well as Internet knowledge.


           To empower teachers of higher education in knowledge, skills and attitude to meet existing and new challenges in their professional life, to be catalysts of academic progress in line with national and global needs, while holding on to moral and social values, and to serve as role models to the younger generation.


           To deliver need-based, quality programmes that enhance competency and progressive thinking in teachers of higher education, drawing upon relevant expertise from across boundaries and using multifaceted delivery techniques.


           • To train and retrain the teachers in higher education in a wholesome manner to be adequately equipped to meet existing and new challenges in classroom and beyond-classroom situations
• To help the teachers to keep abreast of the latest developments in their specific subjects and teaching technologies
• To enable teachers to understand the importance of uncovering new knowledge and expanding the frontiers of education by engaging in socially relevant and interdisciplinary research
• To foster civic and social responsibilities amongst the teachers and through them, also the student community by advocating the social values of equity, justice, democracy and secularism


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