U.G.C. Human Resource Development Centre

The functions of Human Resource Development Centre-Madurai Kamaraj University are to plan, organize, execute, observe and evaluate orientation programs for the newly appointed College/University teachers. HRDC also organizes refresher courses for teachers of higher education and short term courses for research guides/scholars, and orientation programs/workshops for Senior administrators/ Controllers of Examinations Assistant Registrars/Section officers /clerks and plans to the same for heads of departments, principals, etc. Functions of the HRDC, Madurai Kamaraj University are to:

• Develop the orientation programs along the guidelines of the UGC and according to the aims of the HRDC

• Recognize resource persons in different fields of speciality for conducting OPs and RCs, and bring such resource persons acquainted with the philosophy and guidelines for the courses
• Produce a habit of learning numerous books and resource materials and self-improvement among teachers in order to make extra learning as an essential part of higher education
• Set up a well equipped library for reference and resource materials needed for the programs and for research
• Offer chances for teachers to exchange experience with the peer group and to equally learn from each other
• Conduct programs for administrative skill development of senior administrators and other decision-making officers to improve the administrative capacities needed to manage higher education through suitable adaptations of the administrative systems at different levels of administration
• Give opportunities to extend their knowledge and to continue their research studies
• Provide a chance to teachers to keep themselves to cope with the latest developments in different subjects in order to make the teachers as multidisciplinary experts
• Help the teachers to know the new methods and innovations in higher education in order to make them to cope with the needs of the students of the digital era
• Publishing journal and newsletter to bring out periodicals, books and other news related in developing teaching and research aptitudes of teachers