1.Microteaching Shooting

2. 71st Orientation programme Acitivity

3. 71st Orientation programme e-content preparation

4. 71st Orientation programme Science Experiments

5. Active Participation -Group Activity in 71st Orientation Programme

7. Dr.Chnadrasekaran, Director, Physical Education, MKU is handling the Yoga Session -71st OP

8. Dr.A.Muthumanickam, Former Registrar, MKU is handling the session-75th OP

9. Dr.Aruna Devaraj, Former Principal of Jeyaraj Annapackiam College, Periyakulam is addressing the Participants

10. Dr.C.S.Theenathayalan, Associate Professor, The Madura College is addressing the Participants-75th OP

12. Dr.S.Kannan,Director, UGC-HRDC is addressing the Participants-2015

13. Field trip to Samanar Hills-75th OP

14.Dr.Gabriel, Former Professor of Education, MKU is addressing the Participants

15.Principals' Meet

16. Field trip to Thekkadi-71at OP

17. Group Photo 71st Orientation Programme

18. Dr.Anandhavalli Mahadevan, Former Vice-Chancellor, MTWU is handling a session -86th OP-2018

19. Creativity and Innovative Learning in 70th Orientation programme

20. Activity in RC in Business Studies

21 Disaster Management Class- RC in Library Sciences

22. Dr.R.Vijaya is handling the session for the 88th OP participants

23. Field trip to Mahal-88th OP-2019

24. Field Trip to Samanar Hills-2019

25. Field trip to Vaigai Dam-2015

26. Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Thiruvalluvar University is addressing the Participants at the Inaugural Function of the 83rd and 84th OPs -2017

27. Ice- Breaking 71st Orientation programme

28. Innovative Practices in 70th Orientation programme

29. Mr.S.Rengarajan, IRS, Assistant Commissioner of Income Tax, Nagpur, is handling the session - 83rd and 84th OPs

30. Participatory Learning in 70th Orientation Programme

31. Prof.Chandrasekar is addressing the Participants of the OP -2019

32. Prof.Sivasubramanian, Former Vice-Chnacellor of Bharathiar University is handling the session

33.Programme for Administrtors of the MKU by the Administrative Staff Training College

35. Prof. K. Srinivas Head of ICT & Project Management Unit of National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) is giving hands on training on MOOC-2017

36. Rc in Business Studies

37. RC in Economics

38. RC in Library Science

39. RC in Research Methodology

40 Refresher Course Valedictory function

32. Prof.Sivasubramanian, Former Vice-Chnacellor of Bharathiar University is handling the session

42. Short term Course in Data Analaysis using software

43. Short term Course in Research Methodology