Director's Message

The National Educational Policy on Education (1986) stressed the need for Academic Staff Colleges for the development of higher education. Instantaneously after that declaration, the UGC – Academic Staff College, now renamed as Human Resource Development Centre, has been established at Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. It is one of the premier Academic Staff Colleges in the South, set up in 1988.

Academic Staff Colleges were established with the major aim of promoting the professional skills of the teachers of higher education by offering them sufficient and quality opportunities. The training offered by the Human Resource Development Centres will make the teachers to face the challenges in teaching the students who are now called ‘digital natives’. During the last 27 years, since the establishment of the HRDC, MKU, it has been acting as the centre of quality and distinction. The HRDC, MKU is functioning as the significant centre in the South serving more than the teachers of the Colleges/Universities of the South and the higher education institutions of the whole country. It spreads new innovative ideas and teaching methods among the participant teachers. The major aim of the HRDC, MKU is to benchmark the standards of teaching. For achieving this goal, the HRDC, MKU, is trying its best to offer quality programs in e-content development, ICT related presentations and hands on experiences, training in software packages, field visits to important factories and other places of significance etc. Resource persons from all the fields are being fixed for handling the classes. Effective microteaching practice is being offered to teachers to enhance their teaching. To fulfill the wishes and desires of the participant teachers is the major aim of the academic and administrative team of the HRDC, MKU. Dedicative teamwork is the main strength of our HRDC. Our HRDC takes feedbacks positively and modify the programs and facilities as per the suggestions of the participant teachers. This newly set up website will act as the hub for spreading information and other relevant details of the courses.

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