Resource Persons

Experts from diverse disciplines like Education, Education technology, Psychology, Psychiatry, Software, Geography, Library Science, Nano Physics, Bio technology, Economics, History, Politics, Tamil and English have been invited for different courses. Care was taken to invite only those who had exemplary communication skills.
The programmes were enriched by the resource persons through:
• Enhancing the understanding of the subject
• Clarity in ideas
• The in-depth knowledge of the resource persons in their areas of specialization helped towards perception of different views for the same subject matter
• Provocation of new thought processes
• Research motivation
The participants benefit from the programme conducted by the different experts which can be revealed by the following:
• Improvement in work culture
• Application of new methods in teaching and evaluation
• Enhancement of communication skills
• Gained self confidence to handle students
• Improvement of self esteem
• Motivation towards inter-disciplinary research

Provisions made to impart the ICT skills in teaching learning include:
• Computer
• Internet

Methodologies used for programme delivery are:
• Concepts – games, interaction, assignments
• Issues – group discussion, skits
• Problem solving – case studies
• Teaching skill – micro teaching, seminars
• Inter personal relationship – field trip, games, skits