Alumni of the School

About Alumni:

The alumni network is the most powerful asset of the school. The alumni help us to realize the importance of language teaching and learning process. Most of the former students were placed in different fields of teaching and other government or non-government fields. Each department of the School conducted Alumni meet in various periods. The nature of the alumni activities is not only concentrating their meeting, but they help us to find more students from various parts of the country with a good message about the university and studying departments. While conducting seminars or other academic activities most of them were ready to co-operate with their interventions. Some of them were providing financial support to the economically backward students.

    Distinguished Alumni of the Department

    • Dr. Sriram Sankaran,Professor & Head,Department of Malayalam, Kannur University, Kannur, Kerala.

    • Dr. R. Rajesh, Director,Malayala Patana Gaveshana Kendram,Thrissur

    • Dr. B. Saravana Kumar Head, Dept of Telugu,University of Madras

    • Gandhi M SubramanianFormer Registrar,P.S. University,Hyderabad

    • Dr.S. Patchai Perumal Asst.Commissioner of Commercial Tax, Karnataka Administrative Service

    • Dr. L.Johnpeter Professor & Head, Department of Kannada, Kannada University, Hampi.

    • Dr.M.Kannapiran, Professor of Sanskrit (Retd.), Vivekananda College, Thiruvengidam

    • Dr.S.Mariyappan, Professor of Sanskrit (Retd.), Sowrashtra College, Madurai

    • Dr. K. Muthukumaran Professor & Head, Department of Malayalam, Kannur University,Kannur, Kerala.

    • Dr.G.Murugaboopathy Director, Malayala Patana Gaveshana Kendram, Thrissur

    • Selva Ramesh.P Kondathodiyil, Kumaranellur via, Thrissur – 680

    • Dr. Vijay Sreenivasan Head, Dept of Telugu, University of Madras.

    • Dr. R.K Mathavan Associate Professor, Dept. of Telugu,S.V. University

    • Dr. Gnanakrishnan Former Registrar, P.S. University, Hyderabad

    • Dr. Sreenivasa Raghavan Asst. Commissioner of Commercial Tax, Karnataka Administrative Service

    • Dr.P.Vinayagamoorthy Asst. Director in Survey Dept., Karnataka Administrative Service

    • Dr. A. Thirunavakarsu Under Secretary,Law Department,Govt. of Kerala

    • Dr. P. Varatharajan Department of Kannada, Kannada University, Hampi.