No. of Books Published: 13

No. of Research Articles Published: 41

No. of Seminars Organized: 8

Projects Completed: - 2 (UGC Major and Minor)

Number of Ph.D produced – 23

Number of M.Phil. produced – 173

Number of ongoing Ph.D.- 25 M.Phil- 7

Number of National/International conferences/seminars/workshops - presented paper by the faculty – 207


Project proposal submitted to UPE

Proposed budget for Rs. 2.90 Crores

History of Patanjala Yoga Tradition (1.4 Crores)

Representation of Dravidian Identity and South Indian Classical Languages: A Socio-linguistic approach on Visual Media (1.5 Crores)

A Dictionary project approved by the Director, State Institute of Languages, Kerala (Tamil-Malayalam Dictionary) (Will be signed in the end of January 2018)