Dr. J. Shunmugaraja Book List

picture_as_pdf 1.Indian Emigration into Fiji Plantations (!879 - 1922) -

picture_as_pdf 2.Emigration to Mauritius A Study on Madras Presidency 1833 - 1893 -

picture_as_pdf 3.Tamil Coolie Emigration A Passage to Sri Lanka, 1833 - 1917 -

picture_as_pdf 4.தமிழ் ஒப்பந்தக் கூலித் தொழிலாளர்களின் மொரீசியஸ் புலப்பெயர்வு 1833 - 1893 -

picture_as_pdf 5.Colonial Manipulation and Introduction of Tamil Coolies in Diaspora, 1830 - 1920 -

Dr. A. Mahalingam book List

picture_as_pdf 1. Land, Society and Art in Tamilnadu With Special Reference to Vaigai and Tamiraparani Basins -

picture_as_pdf 2. The Vijayanagara-Nayakas Art and Culture -

picture_as_pdf 3. Means of Entertainment during the Nayak Period as Gleaned from their Art -

picture_as_pdf 4. Female Costume in the Art of Vijayanagara - Nayak -

picture_as_pdf 5. Temple Festivals as Reflected through Art and Literature during the Nayak Period -

picture_as_pdf 6. Costume of Male during the Nayak Period in Tamil Country Through Art and Literature -

Dr. C. Kannan book List

picture_as_pdf 1.Belief and Ritual System of the Malayali Tribes of Pachamalai in Tamilnadu -

Dr. P. Nagoorkani book List

picture_as_pdf 1. Bhakti Saints Struggle for Social Justice in the Subaltern Context as Gleaned from the Bhakti Literature -

picture_as_pdf 2.B.R. Ambedkar and Nasik Satyagraha -

picture_as_pdf 3.Subaltern Conciousness in Tamilnadu A Case Study on Dalits -

picture_as_pdf 4.Political Rights of Dalits in the Pre-Independence Era - A Bird's Eye View -

picture_as_pdf 5.Ecological Rules for Water Management in Ancient Tamil Country - A Study on Pallava - Chola Records -

picture_as_pdf 6.M K Gandhi and Harijan Tour in Tamilnadu -

picture_as_pdf 7.Information Seeking Behaviour of Research Scholars Affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai -

picture_as_pdf 8. Swami Sahajananda - Father Figure of the Depressed Classes in Madras Legislature -

picture_as_pdf 9.Communal Reservation and Social Justice in Tamilnadu, 1967 - 1997 -

picture_as_pdf 10.Subborayan, A Social Visionary and His Ill-fated Temple Entry Bill -

picture_as_pdf 11.Human Rights of Girl Child in the Indian Context - A Bird's Eye View -

picture_as_pdf 12.Iyothee Thass's Struggle for Social Justice in Tamilnadu -