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In the history of Madurai Kamaraj University, the year 1970 by the ingenuities of Prof. K. Rajayyan and Prof. N. Subhramanian, keystone for School of Historical Studies was laid in which because of the initiatives of the aforementioned Professors, two different departments as Ancient History and Modern History were established.
In the same year of inception the departments propounded courses of M.A., M.Litt., and Ph.D. and organised regular classes. Exactly after six years of time to enhance the student’s expertise in Medieval History an exclusive department was also added into the feather. In 1976, Madurai Kamaraj University introduced the School system to make the learning of the students reach the excellence while the three departments Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History coalesced and formed as a School of Historical Studies. After forming the school, besides the regular courses like M.A., M.Litt., and Ph.D, innovative courses like M.Phil., and other diploma studies for Archaeology and Area Studies.
On 2nd December 1978, as a milestone South Indian History Congress, an academic forum for international scholars of history, a brain child of Prof. K. Rajayyan came into existence with himself as founder General Secretary and Prof. K. K. Pillay as the first President in the premises of the School of Historical Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University and later it was registered under the Societies Act at Madurai in 1979 with Reg.No.32/1979. In February 1980, the Inguration of the conference took place within the University campus. The founders also established a Central Office for the forum at the School itself where the office is still functioning. The renowned historians and intellectuals who had served in the School are Prof. K.V. Raman, Prof. R. Venkatraman, Prof. Y. Suburayalu, Prof. H. Hanumanthan, Prof. S. Manickam, Prof. G. Thangavelu, Prof. D. Daniel, Prof. B.P. Gobalakrishnan and Prof. Dr. P.P. Chellathurai.
On 25.07.2017, a pioneering gorgeous gem has also been embellished in the feathers of the School of Historical Studies with the appointment of Honourable Prof. Dr. P.P. Chellathurai, who was a former student, scholar and faculty of this School, as the 16th Vice-Chancellor of Madurai Kamaraj University. This has made the school a distinguished one to create an immaculate testimony in the annals of the university. Presently Prof. S. Andiappan occupies the position of Chairperson of the School which consists the following departments.  



To provide excellent Historical Studies with a vibrant curriculum on par with the European Universities.

To prepare the students to develop a flexible yet rigorous, scientific enquiry into fundamental questions that concern the historical imagination.

Dedicate to reframing and rethinking the interconnections between time, memory and history.

To enable the teachers, combine a rich variety of methodologies and disciplinary backgrounds to bear on their research and teaching of history.

To mould and train the students to teach, or engage in advanced training in history, law, or other fields.

To ensure that students leave our program with a firm education in the liberal arts and have excellent communication and critical thinking skills.

Renowned Historians of the School

Prof. K.V. Raman

Prof. Y. Suburayalu

Prof. H. Hanumanthan






The School Consists of the following Three Departments

  1. Department of Ancient History       
  2. Department of Medieval History 
  3. Department of Modern History