Dr. J. Shunmugaraja Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1. Deceived and Belied Scuffled Life of Tamil Diaspora -

picture_as_pdf 2. 19th Century British Colonialism Pull and Push Factors for Tamil Diaspora (1834 - 1922) -

picture_as_pdf 3. Merciless Growth and Internal Displacement Upshots in Tamilnadu -

picture_as_pdf 4. 'Discriminalized' Indian Emigration Mauritius 1833 - 1922 -

picture_as_pdf 5. Deceived and Belied Scuffled Life of Tamil Diaspora -

picture_as_pdf 6 .Assam The Land of Misery Labour Migration and Technology of Tea Culture, 1840 -1906 -

picture_as_pdf 7. Colonial Emigration and Contemporary Migration Legacy Continues -

Dr. A. Mahalingam Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1. Male Dress Pattern of the Nayak Period in Tamil Country Through their Art and Literature -

picture_as_pdf 2. Life of Women as Reflected in the Art of the Vijayanagara - Nayakas in Tamil Country -

picture_as_pdf 3. Artistic expansion under the Vijayanagara - Nayakas in Tamil Nadu (C.E.1529 - 1736) -

picture_as_pdf 4. Political Iconography in the Sculptures of Tamilnadu -

Dr. C. Kannan Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1. Social Customs of Malayali Tribal Women in Kolli Hills -

Dr. P. Ganesan Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1. Muruga Worship of Ancient Tamils Glened from the Tamil Literature -

picture_as_pdf 2. Important Commercial Centers of the Later Pandyas -

picture_as_pdf 3. Historical Knowledge of Early Tamils -

picture_as_pdf 4. The Land Revenue Administration of Pandyas -

picture_as_pdf 5. Land Grand Made by Chola Queens -

picture_as_pdf 6. Sculptural Significance of Pandyas -

Dr. P. Nagoorkani Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1. Dawn of Dravida Kazhagam -

picture_as_pdf 2. Praises on Periyar and Periyar about Periyar -

picture_as_pdf 3. External Factors That Influenced Periyar E.V. Ramasami -

picture_as_pdf 4. Mapping the Issue of Harijan Upliftment in the Madras Legislative in 1950s -

picture_as_pdf 5. Madras Legislature Temple Entry and Press Activities -

picture_as_pdf 6. Women's Role in Periyar's Self-Respect Movement, 1920s - 1940s -

picture_as_pdf 7. Towards the Poona Pact and Social Transformation - Tamilnadu Scenario -

picture_as_pdf 8. Swami Sahajananda - Father Figure of the Depressed Classes in Madras Legislature -