Learning Resources

Library- 4500 Books (Geo) + 950 (ERAC) + 665 (Futures Studies) E-books:212, E-journals:290

Remote Sensing and GIS Reading Material in CDs

Internet / Wi-Fi facilities for staff and students

Total number of class rooms - 4 (Geo) + 2 ERAC

UInteractive Board and Smart Classroom

Recent GIS and Image Processing software and equipments

Digital Atlas Ten Southern Districts of Tamil Nadu using Geomatric Technology

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  Major Infrastracture Facilities

Arc GIS Software

Soft copies of 250 Satellite Imageries

LPS Software and Hardware

Mapping grade DGPS (Trimble)

UA0 Scanner

Students GIS Lab

Survey Grade DGPS

Total Station


Smart Class Room
Student's laboratories
Survey Grade DGPS
Total Station
Spectral Radiometer
Seminar Hall