Brief Profile of the Department

   Department of Future Studies, Madurai Kamaraj University has been started as a Centre in the year 1990. It has been supported by the UGC by considering the importance of the inter-disciplinary approach in the state-of-art technologies. From the year 1994, Government of Tamil Nadu has granted its concurrence to support the Centre by all means. In the same year, the centre has been elevated to Department Status. In the year 2003, the Department of Future Studies was attached to School of Energy Sciences which has high potential on many disciplines including Future Studies.

   Planning that too at micro level is very much essential for appropriate development. For healthy and sustainable development, holistic perspective to future is necessary. Future Studies is a multi-disciplinary / trans-disciplinary field where a holistic and futuristic perspective of overall development is evolved. This will help in identifying the alternatives for future and designing the desirable future in different areas and hence should contribute towards long-range perspective planning and evolving action plan. Future Studies is not the prediction of the dreams of the twenty first century. But is a useful concept to consider the possible, probable and feasible product and process options of the future and their impacts in multi-disciplinary perspectives.

    Faculty Members

Dr. R. Rajkumar

Assistant Professor and Head i/c

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