About Us

The School of Linguistics and Communication is founded on the conviction that the Humanities give purpose,direction and value to education and to life, and that they are no less important to society than scientific andtechnological disciplines. The School aims at providing a centre of common awareness and a sense of humanresponsibility, making the University more than a complex of specialist departments. In addition, it is committed tothe achievement of academic and linguistic excellence, creativity and all-round development of students.The courses offered in the School reflect these objectives and concerns. The Department of Linguistics concentrateson the multi dimensions of any language, Typology, Translation & Interpretation, Tribal Studies, Documentation ofEndangered Languages and Language Teaching. The Department of Journalism and Science Communication concentrates on various forms of News Media. The Department of Communication concentrates on Visual Media.


Providing quality education to students to produce media contents in the field of Television, Radio and AV Film Media

Offering hands-on experiences in the field of Visual Communication/Electronic Media.

Inculcating knowledge to develop socially responsible leader in the Media Industry.

Promoting Research and Development in the areas of Media and Mass Communication.


The School Consists of the following Three Departments

  1. Linguistics  
  2. Journalism and Science Communication
  3. Communication

Future Plans

  • Inter Disciplinary Research in Communication & Linguistics.
  • To seek assistance from UGC SAP Programme.
  • To do more Colloborative Research Projects.
  • To establish State-of-the Art Language Lab and and Audio/Video Studio for the School.