Madurai Kamaraj University


UGC - PROJECT REPORT Name - Principal Investigator/
Project Title School Report
1 Dr. I.K. Manonmani UGC MRP ENTITLED " NGOs in Women Empowerment " School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
2 Prof. V. S. Vasantha UGC MRP ENTITLED " Nano Conducting Polymer-Enzyme based Biosensor for Creatine and Creatinine " School of Chemistry
3 Dr. P. Suresh UGC MRP ENTITLED "Functionalized Graphene Oxide and Transition Metal Nanocomposite: An Efficient Hybrid Catalyst for Coupling Reactions." School of Chemistry
4 Dr. S. Muthusubramanian UGC MRP ENTITLED "Synthesis of heterocycles for evaluation of anticancer behavior" School of Chemistry