Solar Power System

Electricity is a great boon which transformed the human civilization from Stone Age to modern era. Generation of clean energy is a challenge to current society. Electricity generated from fossil fuels polluted our universe and also resulted in depletion of fossil fuels. It also led to global warming and green house effects. To overcome the above problems, we have to take necessary steps in generation of green energy i.e. pollution free electricity.

Solar energy is one of the green energy available in abundance which can meet the power crisis in near future without the use of fossil fuels. Solar energy is an infinite source of energy which is also a clean energy. Using solar energy for power generation will reduce the use of fossil fuels and it also produce pollution free electricity.

In this contest, Madurai Kamaraj University has taken initiative in promoting green energy concepts in its campus. The solar power station is of grid connected type which is synchronized with MKU grid. The generated power from the solar power station will meet the load demand which is nearby the station and then the remaining power is transferred to the successive blocks based on its distance. It is a battery free system and thus ensures less maintenance.