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Madurai Kamaraj University encourages students to make use of the time they spend in the university to groom them as potential scientists and knowledge professionals. The centre offers counseling services to students to overcome the stress and make the stay and comfortable, Easy and effective Counseling is confidential: All communication shared with the Counseling Center is kept confidential and protected by the law Information about attendance at the Counseling Center and the information revealed in sessions is not further discussed with others. Students are encouraged to feel confident to maintain healthy mind so as to ensure they are taking responsibility for their own well-being. Students are advised to follow the healthy routines and practices in regard to sleep, diet, exercise, stress-reduction, time-management and self-assertiveness. Students are welcome to the Counseling Center even if problems are not serious in nature. As you all know counseling is a process of helping the people who deserve some support and encouragement. The clinical counseling would be offered by clinical psychology experts. For the people who experience minor issues and need reassurance the counseling center is the destination. Staff members working in the Counseling Center are experienced academicians in the areas like Human Resources Development, Psychology, and education. To consult a counselor fix an appointment, please call or you may also reach In case of external support and help are needed accordingly you would be informed. If you feel comfortable you may stop visiting the counseling center at anytime.