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              The nucleus of the present School of Chemistry was formed when the University of Madras established an extension centre at Madurai in 1958. Having a humble beginning as the Department of Chemistry in 1966 of the then established Madurai University; it has later bloomed into a full-fledged School.

              The School now comprises of five Departments-Inorganic, Organic, Physical, Natural Products and Materials Science with a faculty strength of 22 endowed with rich teaching and research expertise in diverse frontier areas such as synthesis of novel molecules, bioorganic-mimics, biomolecules from natural sources, screening for important bioproperties like anticancer, molecular modeling, EPR imaging, photo processes, supramolecules and its molecular recognition studies, development of novel reagents and reactions, photocatalysis, green chemical routes for organic transformations, non-heme enzyme model, fixation of carbon dioxide into potential fuels, nanomaterials and their application to organic electronics, molecular electronics, molecular robotics and biomolecular nano machines, sensors for heavy metals and bio molecules, etc.

              Such a unique blend of diverse expertise of faculty in different research areas has elevated the School as a prestigious one in Madurai Kamaraj University which provides an excellent opportunity to students who come out creditably successful in competitive exams such as UGC/CSIR and GATE. The School offers M.Sc., M.Phil., and Ph.D programs. Currently, around 120 scholars are engaged in research work for their Ph.D. The students are highly placed in teaching and research positions and industries both in India and abroad. The School has made more than 625 publications in reputed international and national journals in the last five years. The School has been recognized under the UGC-DRS(PhaseI), UGC-SAP(I), UGC-ASIST and DST-FIST programme...Read More

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School of Chemistry

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