Honors and Awards


Honors and Awards received by Faculty




Honors and Awards

Prof. R. Ramaraj

: Fellow of National Science Academies (FNA, FASc and FNASc)
: Member, National Science Education Panel
: Indian Academy of Sciences (2010-15)
: Member, National Committee of IUPAC, INSA, New Delhi (2012-15)
: Joint Secretary, Chemical Research Society of India, Bangalore (2014-17)
: Chemical Research Society of India– Silver medal (2017)

Prof. S. Perumal

: Bronze medal of Chemical Research Society of India (2014)
: Life-time achivement award of Association of Chemistry Teachers (2013

Prof. K. Pitchumani

: TNSA Scientist Award, Tamil Nadu (2003)

Dr. V. Padmini

: UGC-RAMAN Fellowship
: INSA Summer Research Fellowship (2012)

Prof. R. Saraswathi

: Recognized Trainer Associate in UGC - Capacity Building Program for Women Managers in Higher Education (2012)

Dr. R. Mayilmurugan

: Fulbright Scholar award (2014)
: INSA-DFG Exchange Fellowship

Dr. M. Jeyanthinath

: DST – DAAD Fellowship (2017)
: UGC-RAMAN Fellowship


Honors and Awards received by Students




Honors and Awards