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Dear Friends,

As the students of Madurai Kamaraj University you all must be having a great time with your academic part of you. Life is not always about the marks you have scored; the grades you have obtained; the skills you have learnt; the technicalities you have mastered; eyes set on a six digit salaried job; ……. BUT number of people you have earned; the level of humanity you have expressed and experienced; occasions to bring a smile on others faces; ability to make a difference in others’ lives; attempting to be better than yourself besides being a team player. It is easier said than done. Of course you are all surrounded by ‘expectations’ from your family, friends, society, etc which have kept an young adult like you in a ‘pressure cooker’ situation all the time. ‘Stress’ comes to you in different forms and shapes and size too with the tagline ‘Perform or Perish’ which could do much harm to your mental health. Scientists say that half of the mental illnesses begin at the age of 14. Many studies have confirmed the fact that identifying and addressing psychological issues early could prevent serious Psychotic problems. Counselling comes in handy to make a person aware of his/her psychological problem, get expert advice from professional counsellors to handle them and thereby nipping it in the bud and help the person to blossom in both personal and professional lives. The following are the psychological issues faced by Students in Higher Educational Institutions:

Psychological Issues of Students:

    Anxiety, Stress & Depression
    Self-criticism, Low self-esteem, Low self-confidence, Low self-image,
    Identity crisis and Role confusion
    Behavioral and conduct disturbances
    Drop outs
    Love affairs
    Eating disorders
    Problems in Decision-making (personal and professional)
    Family Worries
    Learning Problems/Disabilities
    Intrusive Thoughts
    Sexual Confusion
    Student Details
    Upsets with Friends or Intimates
    Smoking and alcoholism
    Drug Use
    Interpersonal relationship problems
    Physical health problems
    Sexual Harassment

Hence it is imperative to offer professional counselling service to the student community during the campus life so that they can graduate as matured and mentally healthy adults who can be real change makers in their immediate surroundings and society at large. Students Counseling Cell strives hard to do just that. Please don’t hesitate to take the Counseling help from the University’s Counseling Cell.

Wishing you all a happy and ‘mentally’ healthy Campus Life at MKU.

Dr. S. Jenefa,

Student Counselor-MKU

Co-ordinator, Students Counseling Cell

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Students Counselor-MKU

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