The Women's Studies Centre (WSC) was established in August 2009 under the UGC XI Plan with an annual grant of Rs.5,00,000/-. The main objective of the WSC is to build Women's Studies as an important discipline by offering courses to the students and training to the target groups. The Centre has developed sufficient infrastructure and initiated work on research, publication, documentation and extension activities. The Centre is gearing up to offer a few Certificate Courses and Elective Courses and also to introduce M.Phil and a one year PG Diploma in Women's Studies. Documentation work on the issues related to women is being carried out with special reference to 'Violence Against Women', 'Women's Achievements', 'Women and Health', 'Power Women', 'Women and Law' and 'Women Empowerment'. The database related to women and women issues of Madurai district is being established by collecting information from the Tamil Nadu Statistical Information Centre and Women's Development Corporation – 'Mahalir Thittam', Madurai. The Centre has organized a series of Workshops, Special Lectures and Advocacy Programs on issues related to women empowerment and women's health.

 Established in August 2009 during XI Plan.

 Acting as a Nodal Centre in Madurai region.

 Offering M.A., Women's Studies.

 Creating an Impact on Women Empowerment among students, Academicians and NGOs through Seminars, Workshops,

 Advocacy Programmes, Refresher Courses.


 Empowering Women and Promoting Awareness.

 Inspiring and Creating a new generation of Women Leaders.


 To upgrade the Centre to a full-fledged Department.

 To be accessible to women students in the Campus.

  To empower women through capacity building and training programs.

Future Plans

 Projects on Women Empowerment.

 To empower women through capacity building and training programs.

 To initiate the Colloquium once in fort-night.

 To have separate Journal for Women’s Studies Centre.

 To Conduct National / International Seminar.

 To conduct research on Women’s issues.

Faculty Members


Name of the Department


Faculty Name and Designation

Director i/c Dr.R.Radhika Devi
Assistant Professor Dr.C.Subbulakshmi
Research Associate Mrs.K.Priyadarshini