Dr.R.Radhika Devi Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1.A Study on Women Empowerment through Self-Help Groups in Madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 2.Mergers and Acquisitions in Banking Sector -

picture_as_pdf 3.Perception and Attitudes towards elderly among the students -

picture_as_pdf 4. Muthiyorai Penuthal Ilaingar Kadane - Dinamani -

picture_as_pdf 5.Awareness on consumer Rights among Women Teachers -

picture_as_pdf 6. Pengalukana Markam Islam -

picture_as_pdf 7.A study on emotional intelligence among Teachers in Private Schools of Dindigul District -

picture_as_pdf 8. A study on dissatisfied consumers of smart phone over online purchase in Madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 9.E-Commerce - Tool of Women Empowerment -

picture_as_pdf 10.Rising Above the Challenges A Study on Women Entrepreneurs in India -

picture_as_pdf 11.Evolution of Floral Industries across the International Borders -

picture_as_pdf 12. Impact of Demonetisation of Indian Economy -

picture_as_pdf 13.E-India - A Study on Demonitisation -

picture_as_pdf 14. Demonitisation's Effect on Individual's Emotions -

picture_as_pdf 15. Economic Empowert of Women through Entrepreneurship -

picture_as_pdf 16.A Study on Progression of Women Education in India -

picture_as_pdf 17.Unemployment in India -

picture_as_pdf 18. Empowering Women Through Trade -

Dr.C.Subbulakshmi Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1.sacrificing behaviour among women nursing students in Madurai District. -

picture_as_pdf 2. Job stress among women primary school teachers in madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 3. Critical review of PWDS Act-2005 -

picture_as_pdf 4. Time Management behaviour among B.Ed girls students in Madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 5. internet addiction among high school students in Madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 6. Emotional maturity among girls BEd students in Madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 7. Association between academic achievement and select values among standard pupils in Madurai District -

picture_as_pdf 8. Learning styles among XI standard students in Salem District -

picture_as_pdf 9. classroom climate among Higher secondary students. -

picture_as_pdf 10. criteria for quality education -

picture_as_pdf 11. Approaches to environmental education -

picture_as_pdf 12. issues and problem faced by women in India -

picture_as_pdf 13. class room management style among college teachers in Madurai -

picture_as_pdf 14. Tolerance and academic achievement among XI standard girls students -

picture_as_pdf 15. Diligence and academic achievement among XI standard girl students in Madurai district -

Mrs.K.Priyadarshini Journal List

picture_as_pdf 1. Women and Child Trafficking in India -

picture_as_pdf 2. The Role of Women in Indian Renaissance -