The motto of the University is "To seek Truth is Knowledge" and University
is committed with the tasks of:

disseminating and advancing the knowledge through teaching, research and extension;

establishing Departments and Centers required for higher education and research in various disciplines in science, humanities, administrative studies;

taking necessary measures for promoting interdisciplinary research and education in specific thematic and thrust areas for the development of highly skilled manpower;

establishing inter-institutional and inter-national collaborations in the University with a view of inculcating international understanding and holistic perspective amongst students;

providing the necessary facilities and infrastructure for students and teachers from various parts of the nation and foreign countries to participate in the academic programmes and the activities of the University;

being a nodal centre for fostering national and social integration, democracy, and to provide scientific approaches to the problems of society;

nurturing the composite culture of India through the establishment of appropriate Departments or Centers as required for the study and development of the languages, arts and culture of India;

promoting an awareness and understanding of the social needs of the country in the students and teachers and prepare them for fulfilling such needs;

The various items shown in the coat of Arms of the Emblem signify and represent the following :

  Pandya Gopuram - Represents Madurai as an Ancient City of learning in Tamil Nadu.

  Burning Lamp & Open Book- Represents knowledge.

  Elephant Rocket- Represents ancient tradition and modern technology.

  Lotus- Represents purity and clarity.

  Two fishes- Represents the symbol on the Flag of the Pandya King