The Madurai Kamaraj University is one of most dynamic and vibrant universities in India providing par excellent educational opportunities in higher education for the student community in particular for those coming from the lower socio-economic background. MKU offers innovative postgraduate academic programmes that inculcate personal and professional enrichment leading to the formation of effervescent scholarly community and thus facilitating the production of thoughtful, resourceful, insightful and responsible citizens for the last five decades. Our vision is to make the university as the most preferred institute for young men and women who are aspiring for productive careers. We wish to develop them as young entrepreneurs and future professionals of global standard.

India has 789 Universities, 37204 colleges and 11,443 stand-alone institutions, where 30 million students are enrolled every year with a gross enrolment rate of 21 percent for the age group of 18-23 years. Nevertheless, none of the Indian Universities or Institutes is ranked among the top 200 Universities in the World so far. For the realization of the above vision, University is set to endeavour tirelessly to provide top-class education, quality enhancement and trigger innovation in teaching, research and Societal development by outreach activities.