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              The School of Religions, Philosophy and Humanist thought has come into existence from the year 1991 incorporating a few departments of religious study already existing and creating a few more departments.
              The School is a unique one in the whole of India since the Departments of the School Conduct research and teaching activities, organize various seminars, and offer counseling on various fields of Culture, Philosophy, Religions, Secular and Humanist Thought. Its major orientation is on National integration, religious harmony, cultural awareness and social awakening. These could be achieved since the school represents all the major religions.
              The School has been designed to make effective Academic intervention into Religious Studies and Conduct Philosophical Hermeneutics of Religious Scriptures and practices. The School engages itself in comparative religious studies of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Tamil Religious Thought and Gandhian Thought. It conducts conceptual studies of ethical and social Philosophy of Religions and secular Thoughts and works out practical social models for inter religious and multi-cultural living.

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Dr.V. Ramarajapandian

Chairperson i/c

School of Religions, Philosophy and Humanist Thought

Madurai Kamaraj University

Palkalai Nagar,

Madurai- 625 021