About Research

The on-going research projects of our department are focused in the field of coral reef ecology and conservation, marine molecular taxonomy, ocean acidification, marine pollution and marine ecotoxicology. The department has been recognized by its work and has been supported by international organizations such as IOC/UNESCO, UNDP, WHO, IFS, GCRMN and by national organizations such as the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Indian Space Research Organization, Indian Council of Medical Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Planning Commission and the University Grants Commission. Following are the completed and on-going research projects:

Current Research Areas

Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology and Underwater Exploration
Coral Reef Ecology and Monitoring studies
Marine Microbiology, Genomics and Toxicogenomics
Marine Ecotoxicology and Pollution
Marine Natural Products chemistry
Marine Molecular Taxonomy & Nanotechnology
Global Warming and Ocean Acidification

Research Projects – Completed And On-Going

  Retd., Prof. Dr. A. K. Kumaraguru, Former Head i/c. Former Vice-Chancellor of Manonmaniam Sundaranar University (23-07-2012 to 22-07-2015)


Title of the Project


Name of the Funding Agency


Period of Project
Influence of various osmotic concentrations of the ambient medium on growth and biochemical composition of common carp.
IFS, Sweden
Effects of salinity on the bioenergetics of common carp.
IFS, Sweden
Monitoring the flow of heavy metals in urban sewage environments.
CSIR, India
Monitoring heavy metals in vegetables grown in sewage fed farms – Student Project
TNSCST, Madras
1993 -1994
In-situ observations on the under-water ecology of coral reefs and associated fauna in the Gulf of Mannar.
MoEF, India
Ecology of ornamental fishes of export value in the Gulf of Mannar.
DOD, India
1993 -1998
Manipulating the osmotic concen-tration of the ambient environment to enhance growth of fish.
IFS, Sweden
1995 -1998
Training Course on Marine environmental monitoring for representatives from Maldives.
WHO, Maldives
Nov. 6 – Dec. 4, 1995
Microbial contamination of coastal waters of Rameswaram.
ICMR, India
1994 -1996
Collection of qualitative and quantitative data on ornamental fishes of Gulf of Mannar.
1998 -2000
Monitoring Coral Reef Environment of Gulf of Mannar – A Pilot Study.
Assessment of the bleaching and recovery of corals in the Gulf of Mannar.
MOEF, India
1999 -2002
Socioeconomic aspects of marine fishing communities in the Gulf of Mannar, India.
World Bank /IOM/Anna Univ.
Studies on the socioeconomics of coral reef resource users in the Gulf of Mannar coast, South India.
Planning Commission New Delhi
Mar. 2001-Aug. 2002
Studies on the ecology of Scleractinian corals in the Palk Bay.
DOD,New Delhi
Jan. 2002-Dec.2004
Biofouling and Antifouling Organisms in the Gulf of Mannar.
DOD, New Delhi
Environmental Impact Assessment of Textile Processing Units, Mettupalayam.
Kadri Mills, Coimbatore
Jul. 2004 – Aug. 2004
Sub-Aqua Marine Ecology and Toxicogenomics – UGC M.Sc., Innovative course.
UGC New Delhi
Studies on coral reefs in coastal areas.
BRNS, AEC, Mumbai
Assessment of Coral reef health status using Satellite Data.
SAC, ISRO Ahmedabad
Environmental quality assessment of marine waters of southern Gulf of Mannar.
GOMBRT, Ramnad
Nov.- Dec. 2005
Bibliographic compilation of scientific literature on the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve.
GOMBRT, Ramnad
Dec. 2005 – Aug. 2006
Mapping and monitoring Coral Reefs at Eco-Morphological level - Gulf of Mannar.
ISRO, Ahmedabad
Marine Eco-toxicology – Studies for development of seawater quality criteria.
MoES (DOD),New Delhi
Climate change and health status of the Coral reef ecosystem in the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay, southeast coast of India.
MoES (DOD),New Delhi
2012 - 2016


  Dr C.M. Ramakritinan Assistant Professor & Head


Name of the Project


Project Duration


Funding Agency


Molecular Diversity of Coral Zooxanthellae (Sub-Clade level) of Palk Bay Coast, India
19-12-2018 to 18-12-2021
DBT, New Delhi
Toxicological impact of dredged marine sediment of Krishnapatnam Port
01-07-2017 to 31-03-2018
NIOT, MoES, Chennai
Molecular Diversity of Coral Zooxanthellae of Palk Bay Coast, India
25-07-2014 to 24-01-2018
DBT, New Delhi
Impact of ocean acidification on Calcification of Marine Shell-fishes of Gulf of Mannar and analyzing the changes taken place over the period of 3 years.
01-04-2014 to 31-03-2017
GOMBRT, Ramanathapuram
Review of Palk Bay, Tamilnadu, India
Sep. 2015 & Jan. 2016
GIZ, New Delhi
Marine Ecotoxicology Studies for developing seawater quality criteria for coral reef ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar
01-04-2012 to 31-03-2013
MoES-ICMAM, New Delhi
Marine Litter in the Coastal and Coral Reef Environment of Gulf of Mannar
2011-12 to 2014-15
MoEF & CC, New Delhi
Marine Ecotoxicology Studies for developing seawater quality criteria for coral reef ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar – As co-investigator.
Jan. 2008 to Mar. 2012
MoES, New Delhi
Coastal Water Quality Assessment: Effect of sewage effluents in the northern Gulf of Mannar coast using Microtox bioassay
01-04-2009 to 30-04-2012
UGC, New Delhi
Biosysnthesis of gold nanoparticles from seaweed of Gulf of Mannar and their antimicrobial properties.
2010 3 months
TNSCST & DBT Student Programme, Chennai


  Dr M. Anand Assistant Professor


Name of the Project


Project Duration


Funding Agency


Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (TARE): Photovoltaic evaluation of marine based photosynthetic pigments as co-sensitizer for efficient solar cell performance
SERB-DST, New Delhi.
Assessment of the resilience potential of coral reefs and aragonite saturation state in the Gulf of Mannar towards recurrent episodes of coral bleaching- As Co- Principal Investigator
INSA Visiting Scientist Fellowship for 2017-2018 Host Institute IIT, Chennai
INSA, New Delhi
Study on the impact of climate change included Ocean acidification process on the physiology and calcifying rate of Sea Urchins between temperate (NEW ZEALAND) and tropical (INDIA) species
India – New Zealand Education Council (INZEC)
Investigation of Marine Seaweed Pigments as Sensitizer in Solar Cells
SERB-DST, New Delhi.
Synthesis of Chitosan nanoparticles from marine organisms of the Gulf of Mannar region, South India”.
UGC, New Delhi
2011 -2014