Research Achievements of the Centre/Department:

 Derived seawater quality criteria for fragile coral reef ecosystem of Gulf of Mannar using Marine Ecotoxicological Testing and established a Marine Ecotoxicological Research facility.

 Assessed the molecular diversity of scleractinian coral zooxanthellae of Palk Bay coasts and identified 23 species of coral zooxanthellae using 28S rDNA and 18S rDNA first time in Indian coastal water corals.

 Assessed the bio-physical status of corals and the natural and anthropogenic disturbances.

 Studied coral bleaching phenomenon that occurred in global proportions during 1998 and 2002 due to El-Nino Southern Oscillation and increase in ambient temperature in the sea affecting coral reefs and associated fisheries causing socioeconomic problems to coastal fishing communities.

 Studied and reported the impact of the tsunami of 26 Dec.2004 on the 21 islands and corals of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay in the southeast coast of India.

 Monitored the socioeconomic status of coral reef resource users of Gulf of Mannar.

 Assessed the coastal sewage pollution along the northern Gulf of Mannar using Microtox Toxicity Assay.

 Assessing the status of marine litter pollution along the coastal and coral reef environment of Gulf of Mannar.

 Long term monitoring studies on the impact of ocean acidification in the Gulf of Mannar waters

 Evaluated the Marine Natural Products Chitosan and collagen as lead molecules for mosquito larvicidal property.

 Established the property of marine seaweed photosynthetic pigments as dye-sensitizer in solar cells.

 Studied the distribution of bacterioneuston community in the air-sea interface small micro layer (SML).

 Enumerated the electrical conductivity property of bacterial nanowires.

 Evaluated the Carbon sequestration potential of chinnapallam mangrove forest region in Ramnad District.

 EIA studies on the impact of aquaculture industry in Mahabalipuram.

 Consultancy – Sediment Toxicity Studies & Review of Palk Bay.

 Outreach activities in spreading awareness on coastal hygiene and marine pollution in the coastal villages of Ramanathapuram district by observing International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD)