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Agricultural and Rural Development

Environmental Economics

Human Resources Development

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Dr. S.V. Hariharan Women Education and Socio-Economic Development of Rural Households UGC-UPE 5,68,000
Dr. V. Dhulasi Birundha Solid Waste Management UGC-UPE 5,68,000
Dr. N. Manonmoney Health Status in Rural Areas in Tamil Nadu: Issues and Future Directions UGC-UPE 5,68,000
Dr. D. Swamikannan Livestock Environment Interactions –A Study of selected watersheds in semi-arid Tamil Nadu UGC,New Delhi 3,41,600
Dr. A. Kannan Local Commons and Rural Poor Livelihood Sustenance – A case study of Two Villages in Tamil Nadu ICSSR,New Delhi 6,85,850
Dr. A. Kannan Economic, Environmental and Institutional aspects of CPRs and Rural Poor Livelihood Sustenance – A CaseStudy of Two different agro-climatic villages in Tamil Nadu UGC-UPE 6,34,600
Dr. T. Indra An Economic Study of Health Status of Women in Madurai District of Tamil Nadu UGC,New Delhi 5,76,800
Dr. S. Pushparaj Teaching Econometrics with R The IndianEconometrics Society (TIES) 25,000
Dr. M.Chitra Economic Analysis of Street Children in Dindigul District Malcolm Elizabeth and Adiseshiah Trust, Chennai 1,00,000


   On-going Research Project


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Total Amount Sanctioned

Dr. K.Sadasivam Tribal People in Madurai and Theni Districts – Their Socio-Economic Inclusiveness UGC,New Delhi Rs.7,39,600
Dr. C.Muniyandi An Economic Analysis of Sri Lankan-Tamil Refugees Living in Camps in Tamil Nadu UGC,New Delhi Rs.6,24,600
Dr. C.Muniyandi An Analysis of Gender, Poverty Reduction and Migration in Tamil Nadu ICSSR, New Delhi Rs. 28,00,000
Dr. G. Jayachandran Evaluation of the Performance of FDI Receiving Companies in Tamil Nadu ICSSR,New Delhi 15,00,000
Dr. A. Kannan Changing Scenario of Common Property Resources (CPRs) and Its Impacts on the Local Communities Livelihood: A Study With Reference to Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu ICSSR,New Delhi Rs. 7,00,000


PhD scholars name list with joining date and specialization




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Tamizharasan.M F9653 19.12.2015 International Economics
Vadivel.L F9702 11.04. 2016 Migration
Mohan.R F9701 11.04. 2016 Migration
Boomadevi.A F9703 11.04.2016 Tribal Economics
Ajitha.G F9743 08.06. 2016 Tribal Economics
Palanichamy.P F9747 21.06. 2016 Rural Development
Mani.G F9764 3.09. 2016 Migration
Ayyanar.G F9758 3.09. 2016 International Economics
PrasannaPriya.N F9760 3.09. 2016 International Economics
Duraikutty.N F9761 3.09. 2016 Labour Economics
Elumalai.G F9763 3.09. 2016 Environmental Economics
Pandiselvi.P F9785 3.09. 2016 Rural Development
Periyamayan.N F9786 8.09. 2016 Energy Economics
Alaguraja.R F9794 8.09. 2016 Environmental Economics
Sathishkumar.T F9789 08.09. 2016 Health Economics
Pradeepkumar F9759 03.09. 2016 International Economics
Syedalifathima.J F9824 17.01.2017 Migration
Maneesh.P F9888 26.02.2017 Refugees Migration
Sankaranarayanan.R F9825 17.01. 2017 Migration
Sheela F9851 24.03. 2017 Health Economics
Rekha.R F9887 26.02. 2017 Agricultural Economics
Kiranekumar. M F9940 20.12. 2017 Agricultural Economics