Industry Relationships

NI Systems India (Pvt.) Ltd.,Bangalore

APNA Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,Bangalore

Academic Coordinator (Mr. Tarun Gupta) NI Systems, offered suggestions for revision in the curriculum.
Received NI hardware & software products worth of $ 1,500/- (the students won the II Prize in VI Mantra Competition)
Recognition: Dr. Mathivanan served as a member of NICEE committee to organize ‘Educators Day-2008’ Programme.
Academic Coordinator (Mr. Dhanabal), NI System, delivered a lecture on ‘Innovation and Creativity’.
Mr. J. Karthikeyan, Senior Software Engineer, NI Systems, delivered lecture on ‘Graphical System Design’ 0n 01-02-2013.
Maximum number of students recruited.
Pre-placement training to students on ‘LabVIEW Programming’ provided by APNA experts
Dr. Mathivanan delivered a series of lectures on 08-08-2009 to the newly recruited ‘Application Engineers’ Trainees.