About Us

Tourism is one of the World’s largest and fastest growing industries. In terms of revenue and the number of people involved, it has become world’s number two industry next to Petroleum Industry. Tourism helps nations to earn a large sum of foreign exchange without exporting any tangible product. Besides, tourism provides employment to a large number of people directly and indirectly. Tourism is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that incorporates the Hospitality and the Travel sector. The Hospitality sector in particular in India is having a wonderful development. It also provides a great employment opportunity. Moreover, it is important for the professionals of both the Tourism sector and the Hospitality sector to have appropriate knowledge in each other as both the sectors are inter-twined with each other. In this context, it was felt that a course blending these two sectors will be of great help to the students in getting better placements too. It is sincerely felt that the Tourism industry also will greatly benefit from this.

    Progress of the centre

    • The students have been deputed for industrial training in various luxury hotels, Travel Agencies and airline offices )
    •  From the Academic Year 2018-19, a proposal has been submitted for the commencement of a new course M.Phil (Tourism and Hotel Management) and the same has been approved by the academic bodies
    •  A proposal has been submitted for the upgradation of Centre for Tourism and Hotel Management into Department of Tourism and Hotel Management under the School of Business Studies and the same has been approved in the Academic Council., Senate and Syndicate & the assent of the Chancellor is awaited
    • Faculty Members of Centre of Tourism and Hotel Management


      Name of the Department


      Faculty Name and Designation

      Professor and Director Dr. J.Balan
      Centre of Tourism and Hotel Management Dr. R. Kannan, Professor
      Mr.R.Panneer Selvam, Associate Professor
      Dr.S.Praveen Kumar, Assistant Professor