The rapid progress in the field of Communication Technology in the past two decade has provided unparalleled opportunities to those involved in the applications and use of Technology. In the world of tomorrow, information and knowledge will be the primary sources of wealth and power. Knowledge per capita may replace income per capita as the primary measure of "wealth" and this will determine the power of the nation. In this scenario the importance of communication is being increasingly realized by policy makers and educationalist to make our country emerge as knowledge based economy by 2020. The various technological commissions initiated by the government of India are essentially a step forward in this direction. Hence education towards this will be of vital importance and regular updating and upgrading of knowledge makes it necessary to use new and innovative means of education. The need and hunger for education and the social need have grown phenomenally and to fill this gap an innovative system of knowledge is imperative. In this context, the electronic media and cinema with its powerful impact and reach can play excellent role in reaching the masses across the country. Techniques like graphic animation, slow motion, freeze frames etc. can be used to show things that the audience cannot see with their own naked eyes which can facilitate people in better understanding.


The main objective is to train the manpower in film and other electronic media.

To fill the gap of demand and supply in the field of mass media across the country by creating qualified and skilled personnel.

To create a pool of qualified and skilled manpower to generate knowledge resources in traditional and folk media

To train personnel not only in the art of film making but also in managing the film production successfully.

To generate employment opportunities for the students and involve them constructively in societal education


The proposed course would have the multi disciplinary approach like Art, Science, Technology and Management with professional touch. This course will provide contacts and opportunities for employment in Film and TV industry and other corporate houses as the course comprises 40% of theory and 60% of practical aspects of Film making process. Having planned to develop contact with different Film houses, archives, national and international film personalities, it is expected to create great impact the courses and its takers. On completion of this course, the students may get placement in the Film Industry, Prasarbharathi, Doordharshan, Satellite channels, Advertisement Agencies Media Educational Institutions, Corporate Houses, Corporate Hospitals, Hospitality and Tourism Industry, IT Industry, NGO 's , apart from their own self employment based on their creativity, talent and training.