Register Number Candidate Name Guide Name Subject Thesis Title Date Synopsis Notice
F9805 P. Gnanasoundari Dr. S. Karthikeyan Economics An Economic Study On Health Status Of Senior Citizens In Madurai District 27.12.2020 click here click here
P9200 V. Meenakshi Dr. T Palaneeswari Commerce A Study On Socio-economic Sustainability Of Wind Power In Tirunelveli District 28.11.2020 click here click here
F8593 C.Pandiyarajan Dr. S. Murugesan Chemistry Semiconductor – Metal Nanocomposite Materials Embedded in Polymer Matrix and their Applications 28.11.2020 click here click here
F8247 V. Alagupandian Dr. P. Murugesan Commerce Production and marketing of grapes – a study with reference to theni and dindigul districts 30.11.2020 click here click here
P3851 G. Rajesh Dr. V. Suresh Babu Commerce Institutional Credit to Agriculture Sector in Theni District – A Study with Reference to Public, Private and Co-operative Sector Banks 01.12.2020 click here click here
P4847 P .Deepalakshmi Dr. K. Mohan English Societal Pragmatism Related To The Binary Nature Of Indian Culture In The Select Novels And Short Stories Of Aravind Adiga 02.12.2020 click here click here
F9616 A. Amudhavalli Dr. R. Rajeswarapalanichamy Physics First Principles Study Of Electronic Structure, Magnetic And Optical Properties Of Some Heusler Alloys 02.12.2020 click here click here
F9736 M.Jensirani Dr. A. Muthumani Commerce A Study On Work Life Balance Of Nurses In Thoothukudi District 03.12.2020 click here click here
F9428 P. Venkadeswaran Dr. N. Vasudevan & Dr. K. SURESH Botany Floristic Study On The Poondi Fresh Water River In Kodaikkanal, Tamilnadu, India 04.12.2020 click here click here
P4272 S. Sekar Dr. M. Muthukumar Commerce A Study On The Behaviour Of Shoppers Visiting Malls In Tamilnadu 04.12.2020 click here click here
F9362 S.Promoth Dr.E.Ravikumar Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy Contribution of World Religion to Social Harmony 10.12.2020 click here click here
F8764 போ . ஜெயச்சந்திரன் முன்னைவர் . ஆ .முனியன் மொழியியல் துறை தென்தமிழ்க் கிளைமொழி ஆய்வு 11.12.2020 click here click here
F9428 P. Packiaraj Dr. K. Suresh Botany Ecological Analysis On The Kilavarai Freshwater River In Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India 14.12.2020 click here click here
F9672 R.A.Sivarathinave Dr. K. Suresh Botany Studies On The Pteridophytic Flora Of Agamalai Hills,southern Western Ghats 15.12.2020 click here click here

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