Brief Profile of the Centre:


           The proposed VLC will act as a hub of resources required for e-learning and e-guidance and will cater the needs of national and international students, academicians, and researchers. Some of the possible services are listed below. The services listed are comprehensive but may extend to meet the specific academic requirements on ad-hoc basis and may be limited provisionally.

For Students:

  • Information service on educational opportunities at national and international level
  • Career assistance service at national and international level
  • E-media (e-books, proceedings, e-magazines)
  • Virtual classes
  • EDUSAT access
  • Single point access to international e-libraries
  • Facilitated cross-cultural student forums

For academicians:

  • Digital resources for teaching
  • IAudio and video media as teaching aids (motivating speeches, autobiography, historical speeches)
  • Live webcasts (Podcasts) of academic interests
  • E-media for self-training on teaching methodology
  • Live webcasts of conferences

For researchers and scientists:

  • Single point access to national and international journals, magazines, and proceedings
  • Facilitated online expert consultations (through MoUs with national and international institutions/industries)
  • E-catalogue of research based services and resources
  • Contact list of editors and proof readers for scientific write-ups of research papers
  • Online access to patent cell
  • E-catalogue of funding agencies.