Appeal to Alumni and Philanthropists to Sponsor

      The Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Dr.P.P.Chellathurai is taking enormous steps to further develop our University to International standard. Establishing Inspirational Academic Parks in every School of our University is one of the developmental activities to reach the status of excellence and eminence. The following Academic Parks are to be established in every School.

Sl.No Name of the School Name of the Academic Park
1. School of Youth Empowerment
Swami Vivekananda Academic Park
2. Women Welfare Initiative
Kavikkuyil Sarojini Naidu Academic Park
3. School of Biological Sciences
Charles Darwin Academic Park
4. School of Biotechnology
James Watson Academic Park
5. School of Business Studies
Chanakya Academic Park
6. School of Chemistry
Marie Curie Academic Park
7. School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Vikram Sarabhai Academic Park
8. School of Economics
Karl Marx Academic Park
9. School of Education
Dr. Radhakrishnan Academic Park
10. School of Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
Dr. Abdul Kalam Academic Park
11. School of English & Foreign Languages
William Shakespeare Academic Park
12. School of Historical Studies
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Academic Park
13. School of Indian Languages
Robert Caldwell Academic Park
14. School of Information Technology
Charles Babbage Academic Park
15. School of Linguistics and Communication
Veeramamunivar Academic Park
16. School of Mathematics
Ramanujan Academic Park
17. School of Performing Arts
Rabindranath Tagore Academic Park
18. School of Physics
Sir C.V. Raman Academic Park
19. School of Religion, Philosophy
and Humanist Thought

Mahatma Gandhi Academic Park
20. School of Social Sciences
Aristotle Academic Park
21. School of Tamil Studies
Thiruvalluvar Academic Park
22. Library
Avvaiyar Academic Park
23. Flim & Electronics Media Studies
Dr. M.G.R. Academic Park
24. Mass and Science Communication
Aditanar Academic Park
25. Physical Education
Dhyan Chand Academic Park

      It is proposed to establish every park after the name of Great Thinkers, Scientists and Leaders. Hence, the Madurai Kamaraj University is hopefully appealing to our Alumni and Philanthropists across the world to sponsor for constructing the Parks in every School each at an estimated cost of a minimum of Rs.15 Lakhs. In the Academic Parks the bust size statues of the select great leaders and their achievements will be displayed. Landscaping with greeneries and granite stone benches and study cum work tables will be arranged in circular style and also to facilitate wi-fi enabled internet surfing. The Sponsorship may be done through SBI Online Payment to the account of "M.K.UNIVERSITY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION".

      The Sponsors will be honored in our Madurai Kamaraj University website and their names will be inscribed in the respective Academic Parks for remembrance and reverence.